Introduction (pages 2-25)

Introduction (pages 2-25)

Chapter One (pages 27-73)

Chapter One (pages 27-73)

Chapter Two (pages 75-133)

Chapter Two (pages 75-133)

Chapter Three (pages 133-157)

Chapter Three (pages 133-157)

Chapter 1: Deaf Communities

What did you do in the Deaf Wars, Daddy?

Silence, Cunning and Exile

Towards Deafinitions

Medical and Cultural Confusions

Culture and Disability Confusions

Ethnocentric Confusions

Contesting Community Authenticity

Deafinitions of Community

Deaf Community Membership

Education and Socialisation

Deaf Community Practices

Deaf Clubs

Deaf Sport

Deaf Artistic Practices

Deaf Performing Arts

Deaf Communication Media Printed Media

Deaf Film and Video Media

Televisual Media

Deaf Participation in Majority Society Overall Participation

Deaf Higher Education

Deaf Minority Groups

Deaf Minority Groups: Deaf Women

Deaf Minority Groups: Deaf Ethnic Minorities

Deaf Minority Groups: Deaf Gay and Lesbian Groups

Deaf Organisations and Political Activities

Radical or Subalterns Deaf Activities

Deaf Communities and Governmental Relationships

Summary: Political Oppression Deaf Communities as Colonies