Grants Chair MJ Bienvenu announces the 2016/2017 application is now available for $5,000 grant to innovative projects left by Deaf people with their sponsoring Deaf-run non-profit organizations in the areas of arts, education, research, media, and activism.

The research aspect would focus on those potential areas: language, economics, mental health, culture, science, and medicine all through the Deafhood lens. The Foundation also funds the Deafhood Media Challenge where we invite innovative filmmaking efforts from the Deaf community.

2016/2017 Grantee: $5,000

Deaf, Inc.
Status: Completed

2014/2015 Grantee: $10,000

Deaf Women of Color
Status: In Progress

2013 Co-Grantee: $2,500

Deaf Spot Light
Status: Completed

2013 Co-Grantee: $2,500

Clerc’s Children
Status: Postponed

2012 Grantee: $1,500

Washington Deaf Teen Leadership Camp
Status: Completed

2015 Media Challenge Winners

1st Place

Kissing My Child’s Forehead

2nd Place

Sign to Sign

3rd Place

My Personal Experience