Deafhood: a paradigm shift.


Classes, presentations and workshops are offered by our endorsed facilitators and presenters to advance further Deafhood understanding and discourse on issues relating to Deaf people. Currently, offerings are provided in various locations especially in the United States for Deaf people and hearing people who seek to be allies. Deafhood Foundation works with local on-site coordinators to help arrange logistics which helps to make our offerings possible.


The Foundation gives annual grants to organizations of, by and for Deaf people, for projects under those categories – arts, activism, education, media and research. Subscribe to our newsletter and/or our social media outlets for future announcements of available grants.


As part of fundraising and community development, occasionally, special events are arranged by the Foundation. Examples are The Deafhood Monologues (a play created by Ella Mae Lentz), biennial Deafhood Banquets (based on the Paris Banquets of the 1800’s), presentations by special guests like Dr. Paddy Ladd, Edwin Black, Nelson Pimenta (usually filmed and archived).


As part of our educational outreach to the community, especially in American Sign Language, the natural language of Deaf Americans, the translation of Dr. Paddy Ladd’s 2003 book “Understanding Deaf Culture: in search of Deafhood” have been ongoing since 2011.

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