from pdurr at youTube. In this part, Dr. Ladd discusses:
1) Pre-Colonialism: The annual banquets in Paris and the wonderful Deaf leader Ferdinand Berthier
2) The tenets from these Parisian banquets
3) The diversion from what’s good about Nature by science and its emphasis on “progress” and its impact on Deaf philosophies
4) Books by Deaf philosopher – Pierre Desloges (1779) and about philosophy of Clerc and Massieu (1815) – and additional Deafhood philosophy from them
5) examples of effects of colonialism on Deaf people
6) Television issues — Deaf channel in Sign Language vs captions
7) Deaf culture nowadays reflects some of the negative effects of colonialism–it is not fully reflecting all the positive possibilities of being Deaf from past, present and future.
8 ) Why we need the concept and term of “Deafhood” to expand on Deaf culture — pull out of the effects of colonialism upon Deaf culture, and move towards a better vision for Deaf world
9 ) Deafhood as an international concept, the visual space deep inside Deaf people, beyond the boundaries of the majority culture, beyond the signed language of a Deaf culture, i.e. American. It’s where Deaf people from different countries click when meeting each other.