from pdurr at youTube. Excerpts from Dr. Paddy Ladd’s presentation at National Technical Institute for the Deaf / Rochester Institute of Technology. This is Part 1 out of 3 parts. The presentation was done April 2, 2004. In this part, Dr. Ladd discusses:

1) dedication of speech to Marie Philip and Marvin Marshall
2) To set up Deaf Studies is to give space and time to focus on reflecting upon Deaf culture, to see it in a big picture, to look at its history, philosophy, arts, etc.
3) Most of books discussing the Deaf experience tend to focus on the experience of oppression
4) The need for a new framework to study Deaf culture–checking out other fields and applying to Deaf Studies
5) We need to look at and learn from post-colonialism studies from South Africa, India, etc. where liberation happened, and people started to reflect upon their own identities and their roles on Earth
6) Harlan Lane did pioneering work in applying the concept of colonialism to Deaf people (1993) from which Dr. Ladd explored in depth
7) Colonialism in the United Kingdom happened at the Deaf school and Deaf club
8 ) Oralism = clear Colonialism of Deaf schools, more specifically, Deaf people’s bodies
9) Oralist colonialism was systematic (planned and widespread) — different from general oppression
10) one result of colonialism — cutting Deaf people, especially children, off from Deaf history, traditions, culture, knowledge, etc.
11) Not all “hearing” people are responsible for the colonizing of Deaf people– only a special group or specialisits are responsible. The others who are NOT colonialists are hearing “lay people.”
12) Liberation permits the colonized group to explore themselves as a culture, to be able to revisit their dream of what an ideal world would be, to begin to run their own business in that world, etc, FREE FROM EFFECTS OF COLONIALISM.
13) One area is to reconstruct Deaf Education, not just make small modifications, not to restrict only on language development, but also to include moral and spiritual education. Hearing parents not familiar with Deaf culture will not be able to do this, so it will be an important purpose of Deaf education.
14) Reconstruction means making our Deaf picture big again, requires us to ask big questions expecting big answers about ourselves, our world, our roles, etc. before colonialism, and where we can go in the future after being liberated.
15) Deafhood as a word is a way to bring us the big picture. Opposite of the word “deafness”.
16) Deafhood is the way each Deaf person views him/herself and his/her role on Earth. Not only that, the whole Deaf community too and all the Deaf nations.
17) Deafhood needs to be taught and learned. It does not come with just being Deaf.
18) Important to understand the differences between being member of a Majority Culture from being member of a Minority Culture.