from pdurr at youTube. In this part, Dr. Ladd discusses:
1) hearing allies and how best to work with them
2) importance of using group processing and reflections to create solutions rather than aiming for quick solutions that are not thought through
3) the great significance of Minority Studies (i.e. Deaf Cultural Studies) as a healthy space to deal with oppression and liberation
4) the need to have Deaf Studies in secondary school level as well as at University level
5) having Deaf parents doesn’t automatically make anybody knowledgeable about Deaf culture–just like hearing American, having American parents doesn’t automatically make someone knowledgeable about America, that person should STUDY American history, politics, language, etc. to become real knowledgeable
6) the great increase in Deaf children being mainstreamed and implanted makes creating Deaf Studies curriculum for them even more important– NOT less important as some assumed.
7) the recent increase of genetic engineering and its impact on Deafhood philosophy about existence of Deaf people on Earth–Deaf Studies becomes even more important to present space for development of arguments to challenge the genetic engineering’s goals
8 ) discussion of the artwork by Alexander Martianov and why Dr. Ladd chose it for the cover of his book “Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood”