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2018 Donors and Honorees:

Chriz & Nancy Dally-Frazier ~ in honor of Suz Dennis and Lorrie Shank
Marilyn Jean Smith & Karen L Bosley ~ in honor of Laura and Brendan Gramer
Tina Jo Briendel ~ in honor of Susan Lynn Crouch
Alyce Salter Reynolds ~ in honor of Nancy Popovich, Sharon Wilson, and Barbie Gomez
Jeanne Ewald ~ in honor of Chuck Baird
Ella Mae Lentz & Judy Gough ~ in honor of Ayiu John Wuol, Bruno Moncelle, Nelson Pimenta, Fuyumi Yamamoto, Susie Ayers, and Julie Martin
Karen Kaushansky ~ in honor of Marilyn Jean Smith
David Weiss ~ in honor of Ken Mikos & Betty Ann Prinz
Matt Ellis ~ in honor of Susan Lynn Crouch, Brad Cohen, & Doug Sampson
Jenny Cantrell ~ in honor of Carol Cantrell