2015 DEJI: 63%

2014 DEJI: 55%   •   2013 DEJI: 58%

What is Deafhood DEJI?

The Deafhood Economic Justice Indicator (DEJI) is a score showing what percentage of the organization’s expenses go towards to Deaf people and Deaf-owned businesses. The score creates important awareness, and by reporting the score on a regular basis — in our case, annually — helps us focus on increasing the percentage of the dollars going back into our community and creating economic opportunity for our people.

The formula is a simple one. We track each expense and tag them whether they are going to a Deaf person or Deaf-owned business or a hearing one. The sum of Deaf-related expenses and the sum of hearing expenses are then divided against the total expenses to get a percentage which then becomes our DEJI score.

There are additional questions that need to be addressed such as do we identify an ASL-using hearing person or hearing business as well as CODAs? How do we identify larger businesses that may be hearing owned but employ a significant number of Deaf employees? How do we calculate these?