The 2018 Deafhood Foundation Grant

The Deafhood Foundation is dedicated to achieving economic and social justice for all Deaf people.

The Deafhood Foundation will provide financial, educational and social opportunities to end the economic exploitation of Deaf people. The Foundation strives to free the world from audism and recreate a society where everyone experiences full humanity and celebrates Sign Language.

In 2019, the grant(s) will be given to organizations or individuals working with organizations, especially in these categories: arts, research, media, education, and activism. The amount available this year for the grant(s) is $7,000.

Size of Grant for 2018
The maximum grant rewarded will be $7,000.

Application Deadline
The application deadline is November 1, 2018.

Award Announcement
The recipient(s) will be announced after November 15, 2018.

Qualifications for Grant Seekers
To apply for this grant, you need to be either a non-profit organization that is Deaf-run or an individual being sponsored by a Deaf-run, non-profit organization as the fiscal agent. If the non-profit organization does not yet have a 501(c)(3) tax status, the organization may provide other kinds of proof such as Articles of Incorporation from a state office. If applying as an individual through a sponsoring organization, you must be Deaf and at least 18 years of age.

The sponsoring organization will take responsibility for your application, including reimbursement to the Deafhood Foundation for the entire amount of the grant awarded if the funds were unspent, misused, or the project is incomplete as of one year from the date of award.

Responsibilities of the Applying or Sponsoring Organization

  • Be responsible for fiscal management of the grant
  • Receive and reimburse the grant funds to the recipient
  • Submit photos, videos, and testimonies regarding the project
  • Ensure the full amount of grant funds are allocated to the work
  • Provide a financial report at end of the grant period to the Deafhood Foundation
  • Liability Coverage
  • It will be assumed that the activities of the grant recipient will be covered under the liability coverage of the sponsoring organization listed on this application.

Award Process/Fund Distribution
The award letter will be sent along with a contract to the sponsoring organization. When the contract is signed and returned to the Deafhood Foundation, the funds will be disbursed through a check payable to the sponsoring organization. The funds are for the use of the grant recipient per the grant budget and objectives. The fiscal agent and the grant recipient should agree on how the funds will be administered.

  1. The grantee is informed via e-mail about the award.
  2. If there are contingencies for the grant award, those contingencies must be met before the funding is released.
  3. The grantee receives a letter with a grant acceptance form that includes specifications, evaluation agreement, and reporting frequency requirements.
  4. The grantee signs the grant acceptance form and returns the original to the Deafhood Foundation.
  5. The check (in half amount, unless the grant was awarded to two separate grantees) is endorsed with the original letter of notification.
  6. Grantees may request revisions to the use of the awarded funds in writing during any month of the award period. Requests are sent to the board for review and approval
  7. All unused portion of the grant should be returned at the end of the 12 month grant period. In the event a grantee is unable to carry out the original objectives of the grant within 12 months, a grant extension form should be submitted by month 10 of the grant. The Deafhood Foundation board is responsible for approval of all grant extension requests.
  8. A final report must be given in written or video form to the Foundation at the end of the grant period (before the final half amount of the check for the grant is endorsed and sent to the grantees).

Application (click to download)
Application to include the following:

  • Grant application filled out
  • 3 to 5 minute YouTube or Vimeo video with a link that includes:
    • An introduction to the project
    • The goal of this grant
    • Who will be involved and a little bit about the organization
    • Who will benefit from the project and how
    • How the work is important and meets the Foundation’s mission and vision
    • How the grant will be used
    • What the anticipated outcomes are
  • Timeline for completion of the project
  • Budget (income and expenses for the grant)
  • Proof of organization’s and/or sponsoring organization’s nonprofit status (letter from IRS indicating its 501©(3) status)
  • List of board members and indicate which are Deaf
  • Prior year’s audit or final financial statement
  • Letter of support from sponsoring organization
  • 3 videos (or letters) of reference

Email application form and/or questions to