Transformation: deafness to Deafhood.

  • Knows and cherishes the Deaf community.
  • Explores the needs of the community and ways to address them.
  • Identifies trends that affect the community such as audism, activism, and re-framing.
  • Realizes a better future for our community, the world and ourselves.
  • Invests in the community through annual funding of community projects such as grants.
  • The Deafhood Foundation raises money through donations and events to give to nonprofit organizations of, by, and for Deaf people through a grant making process.
  • The play, “Deafhood Monologues” being presented via theater venues.
    Deafhood classes and workshops being offered.
  • Chapters of Dr. Ladd’s book “Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood” have been and continue to be translated into American Sign Language.
  • The Deafhood Foundation endorses worthy actions and causes that work to remove audism.

Paddy’s Corner

Dr. Ladd coined the word “Deafhood” to describe positive ways of being Deaf in spite of the discrimination and oppression, and to present a framework to understand our past, work within the present, and plan for the future.